"7.Mar.Zhi.Ten.Shot" China Communist, the form of USA lie must fall, you need to learn the lesson that USA showing in front of you; because USA is relying on military Force to occupy late China King's land, you are relying on Rebel force to occupy your own land; to rely on military Force to occupy late China King's land does not offend any King (Because King himself must have to rely on military force to keep his life going on, therefore, milit 房地產ary must be out of any rule, law, or whatever man made form of write [That how General 岳飛 died shamefully because he failed to do the duty to kill that "Job.傳聖旨" evilest lie showing in front of his eyes.] ; just like God must rely on man to do the "Tea.Ten.Sean.Dow" duty to kill, therefore, man must have right to kill any life not for eating or too distasteful to be eate 褐藻醣膠n [That how Cat fed by human can do like man to kill not for eating; Cat in the wild must kill for eating like all wild animals do. That may explain how come Chinese eat Tiger, but not to eat any kitty.] that all wild animals do. ) , because if you can have military force occupy the land can tell you can do better than any King, that how USA had had first 100 years man made paradise time; to rely 酒店兼職on force to occupy any place, every one who own force must work day and night rutinely hard like Sun to make every one else to run in the course exactly like the the force owner orders; USA military lost their course, because they let thier sucking own white trash female to get the path and stick to take over man's power and man's force to eat not only powerless forceless desperate people's life, most imp 小額信貸ortant is they allowing their own white trash female to eat mankind out of this land. Japan will be the leader in this Earth (because they know how good and how important that your good Chinese traditional words must needed for every leader's team; what they missed is the evilest Chinese more important for powerless forceless desperate to balance the poweful forceful on the ground that how you don't ban anyone who own no public 591 power no public force no public authority to have that best determination to force anyone to learn how to read and write good Chinese traditional words [That how you need to do the duty to kill both the kids and the parents who forced to send and be sent to school to learn how to read and write Chinese good traditional words; because the evilest can deserve a life only when that evilest like the good better best no way to be forced to do any thing by any forcef 濾桶ul powerful authority against his/her own will. That all those so called "ABC"-American born Chinese must be killed along with their parents; you are born in USA, you must be American, or you must be American Chinese, you have no way to be born in USA to be Chinese. You dare deny your American root, you dare forget your American soil, you must be killed along with your sucking Chinese parents immediately.]. Therefore, the only thing, you need to do is to tell every one to do the duty to kil 永慶房屋l anyone who knows how to read and write dare give birth; you want to have the right to give birth, you have to show you can at least to live like all wild animals can do: not to know how to read and write. ), that how they have to face the most though Natural Disasters one by one, and more than one by one, so that they can grow strongest team (Who can have the same most mankind point of view to know that every man and every woman must die sooner or later, to die under one good gun shot freely under the 租屋網 open sky is the most merciful way to leave this Earth behind.) most mankind hot to lead. You need to tell your Chinese to learn anyone who can read and write your good traditional Chinese words better than you, you need to demand all your Chinese must either not to know how to read and write, or know only read and write good Chinese traditional words; anyone who knows how to read and write English must work voluntarily in Christian Church, or must stay inside his/her own private room the entire his/her life. The car made by man ro 租房子oted military force, therefore, the car business must be controlled by military, all car license/inspection/service/ repair must made by military tightly tie free of charge, all car title must belong to military, no private owner in any way, so that military can rely on car on the road made by military to order every one to run routinely on the course in order to satisfy that military force must needed "7.Mar.Zhi.Ten.Shot".   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店兼職  .
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